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Watson Engineering, Inc.

Watson Engineering, Inc.Watson Engineering, Inc. is a full-service sheet and tubular metal fabrication company, providing metal prototype and production parts. Watson’s core competencies are in manufacturing metal fabrication solutions for a variety of industries. Watson specializes in CNC machined componentsrobotic weldingbent tubular products (tube bending), CNC press brakepowder coatinglaser cuttingturret punchingstamping, and assemblies as well.

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Watson Engineering, Inc. - Watson Racing

Watson Engineering has its brand of authentic “Watson Racing” products. Watson Racing is proud to be an integral part of the Ford Racing Performance Cobra Jet, and Mustang S550, (Boss 302/R, 302/S, S197) race car programs and specializes in late model (2005-15) Mustang racing parts. After quietly building race cars for decades, 2013 proved to be a ground-breaking year to offer a full-service racing operation. Watson is an authorized Ford Performance Racing Parts dealer and Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger distributor as well as a few others. Further, Watson Racing offers decades of technical racing knowledge; complete race car builds, fabrication skill, dyno tuning, and track support, all backed by numerous race awards and records. If you need some assistance with your race vehicle and want top-of-the-line drag race or road race car experts, call the professionals at Watson Racing!


Feature Service
Metal Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting, metal fab

Watson Engineering, Inc. Metal Laser Cutting Service Metal Laser Cutting Services – Watson Engineering, Inc. has (8) high power laser cutting machines to meet rapid … Continue reading

Feature Area – Metal Fixtures and Tooling

tooling and fixtures, Taylor Mi

Precision Fixtures and Tooling – Tools, Dies, and More! Fixtures and tooling projects are custom made for assembled parts. Watson offers complete fabrication solutions that are finished … Continue reading

Featured Machine –
CNC Milling

CNC Milling, Watson Engineering, Inc.

CNC Milling Equipment & Capabilities Watson Engineering offers cost-effective CNC Milling and complete metal machining services to meet its’ customers exact design specifications. Watson uses … Continue reading

Featured Part – Drag Racing K Member Kit

2015 Drag Racing K-Member Kit

Watson Racing’s Original Chromoly Tubular Drag Racing K Member Kit & Suspension Package now available for 2015+ S550 Mustangs! The Watson Racing Lightweight Drag Racing K … Continue reading

Featured – Tube Bending Lean Mfg

Shift Head Bending

Watson Engineering, Inc. has over 35 years’ experience in metal tube bending for low volume, small diameter tube fabrication. Watson specializes in mandrel bent tube and … Continue reading

Feature Machine – Metal
Turret Punch

Turret Punching

Turret punch services offered by Watson Engineering, Inc. are a precise and highly automated process. Most of the parts manufactured with this technology don’t need to get touched by … Continue reading

Featured – Metal Stamping and Forming

Custom Fabricated Oil Pan

Watson Engineering, Inc. offers innovative metal stamping and forming solutions throughout the product development process and new product testing to ensure prototypes “Exceed Expectations.”  Product design to … Continue reading

Feature Project – Full Service Metal Fab

Large Industrial agricultural parts Metal Fab.

Complete in-house metal fab capabilities make it possible for Watson to take a job from start to finish.  Metal fab services provide customers the most … Continue reading

Feature Area –
Powdercoating Service

Powder coating

Powder coating allows Watson Engineering, Inc. the ability to specialize in custom color, finish selection, and application. The powder coating process includes high-temperature powders. Powdercoating … Continue reading

Watson Eng South Carolina Expands

Piedmont South Carolina Warehouse

Watson Engineering, Inc. South Carolina Expands Again! Watson Engineering, Inc. Piedmont,  South Carolina extends the metal fabrication operations with a newly constructed building. It 50,000 … Continue reading