CNC Press Brake

CNC Press Brake Operation

CNC Press Brake used to accurately form parts using a wide variety of material types, thickness, and radii.  In addition, punch and die are used in combination to bend sheet metal from acute to obtuse angles with the highest of tolerances.cnc-press-brake

Watson Engineering, Inc. utilizes brake presses from 6 to 250 tons to manufacture metal components to customers’ specifications. Also, Watson’s team is capable of press braking parts with a part size of up to a 10′ in width while holding the tightest of tolerances.

While Watson has over 20 press forming machines for forming and bending. Due to the range in size from 50 tons to 250 tons. Skilled operators also specialize in prototype and low to medium volume production press brake formed parts. Finally, CNC press brake forming is a low-cost alternative to expensively tooled components.

CNC Press Brake Specifications

    • Toyokoki CNC Press BrakeState of the art Toyokoki CNC press brakes ranging from 6 to 250 tons
    • Electric and hybrid-hydraulic Rams using CNC encoders to deliver accuracy and repeatability (within .0002”)
    • Automatic thickness detection sensing – to ensure repeatability
    • 6-axis servo driven back gauging for extreme accuracy
    • Auto Crowning feature to provide precise bend angles across entire width of components
    • Expansive tooling library on hand to eliminate need for expensive tooling cost
    • European Style press brake tooling allowing for offset, step, and complex configurations

Watson Engineering, Inc. can bend/form a variety of metals and alloys, with press brake or CNC press brake.Metals

Bending Materials Include:

cnc press brakeCNC Press Brake / Press Forming Equipment

Toyoki Press Brake HYB2503 – 10′ bed

Toyokoki Press Brake APB-062

(2)     Toyokoki Press Brake HYB1753- 10′ bed

35 Ton CNC Toyoki electric brake press

(2)     60 Ton CNC Toyoki electric brake press

200 Ton Accurpress mechanical press brake with 8-foot bed

(2)     150 ton Enerpac hydraulic press

60 Ton Accurpress hydromechanical press brake Model 7-60-6 with 6-foot bed

300 ton Standard A post hydraulic press

Toyokoki CNC Press Brake300 ton Model AP300 Four Column Press

500 ton Model AP500 Four Column Press

600 ton Pacific hydraulic press

WDM Model B-26-36 Sheet metal bending machine

Westbrook WDM-K -6 (5.5) 4 initial pinch hydraulic plate bending roll machine rated capacity 5/16″ mild steel to 11″ diameter x 4 wide, 5 HP motor

 Arbor press max tonnage 50 tons

Columbia PR 751 bench style two stage slide a mark air press.

HAAS GR-510 Gantry Router

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