Vehicle Instrumentation

Qualified Vehicle Instrumentation Services for 35+ years.

Vehicle Instrumentation services at Watson Engineering, Inc.

Vehicle instrumentationInstalls and tests vehicles with 200+ channels of instrumentation. Also, Watson’s team assists with the design and build of specialty test devices.

Watson’s sophisticated electronics and instrumentation personnel are conscious of the customer needs.

Expert technicians take pride in producing durable, organized, user-friendly, worry free instrumentation packages.

 Vehicle Instrumentation:

  • Vehicle InstrumentationProgram and install onboard computer and data acquisition systems
  • Strain gauging applications.
  • Fuel tank temperature profile certification (FTTP)
  • Sample probes and taps for emission testing
  • Transducer installation of calibration
  • Design and build power distribution components
  • Type “J” and “K” thermocouple installations for extreme weather testing, and heat protection
  • Design and create custom printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Custom fabricated keyboard display stands and other instrumentation related brackets
  • Auxiliary battery installation
  • Design, build and diagnose vehicle wiring harnesses
  • Create designs and make various component and engine test stands
  • Plan, design and build various exhaust leak test devices
  • Trip support for all types of off-site testing


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