Metal Fabrication Locations / Facilities

Watson Engineering has multiple metal fabrication sites in the Metropolitan Detroit area as well as facilities in upstate South Carolina. Because the new metal fabrication locations in DownriverMichigan, and the Carolinas has allowed Watson to continue to meet increased market demand. As a result, in keeping with Watsons’ philosophy, it has evolved into a multi-location full-service metal fabrication solution provider. Furthermore, Watson has also continued to expand capabilities in Metal Machining areas of assemblies, fabricationlaser cutting, and metal punching. Also tube bending, weldingstampingmachining, powder coat painting, tooling, fixture builds and vehicle services as well.

Watson Engineering, Inc. 16455 Racho Boulevard,
Taylor, Michigan 48180

Watson Taylor Location

, 16455 Racho Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180, United States (US) - Phone: 1-734-285-2200 Fax: 1-734-285-2355

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Watson Engineering, Inc. 1350 Shiloh Church Road,
Piedmont South Carolina 29673

SC Metal Fab Assembly and Warehouse

, 1350 Shiloh Church Road, Piedmont, South Carolina 29673, United States (US) - Phone: 1-864-846-8040 Fax: 1-864-846-8045

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SC Metal Fab Bldg 2

USA Metal Fabrication Locations - South Carolina

Watson Engineering, Inc. 18703 Dix-Toledo Road,
Brownstown Michigan 48193

USA Metal Fabrication Locations - Brownstown MI

, 18703 Dix-Toledo Hwy, Brownstown, Michigan 48193, United States (US) - Phone: 1-734-759-0555 Fax: 1-734-759-0025

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