Construction Equipment Metal Parts

Watson Engineering, Inc. is a premier supplier of metal parts to the Construction Equipment Industry. Watson manufactures a broad range of fabricated metal components made from a sheet, plate, and tube forms. Watson can take a job from start to finish, prototype to production all under one roof. Construction Equipment metal parts can be produced with or without a powder coating finish.

Agricultural and Construction equipment metal parts supplier

Typical construction equipment metal parts include:

  • CAT Construction TractorMounting Brackets
  • Muffler Shield Clamps
  • Fuel Tank Straps
  • Metal Rain caps
  • Bumper End Caps
  • Core Plugs
  • Metal Mounting Brackets
  • Under Frame Stampings
  • Standoffs
  • Metal Toggle Guards
  • Hand Rails
  • Exhaust Stack 
  • Heat Shields
  • Industrial Catalytic Converter
  • Metal Enclosures
  • Cooling Tower Parts
  • Metal Guards, panels, and grills
  • Fuel tanks, oil tanks, and reservoirs
  • Heater tanks and frames

Construction Equipment Metal Parts Experts

After 35+ years, Watson Engineering’s mission remains, “Customers come to Watson Engineering with problems they need help solving – and, through the efficient utilization of engineering and production resources, we contribute to making those challenges go away.” Effective use of advanced machining technology, across all metal fabrication operations, including heavy construction equipment metal parts.

Because of the use of state of the art equipment, automation technologies, and lean manufacturing practices aids in achieving the Companies mission. As a result, the prototype and production solutions are second to none.

Watson Engineering, Inc. has a full spectrum of CO2 laser cutting and turret punch machines capable of cutting and punching prototype and production parts. Watson utilizes only state-of-the-art bending, laser cutting, machining, and punching. Also, the highest quality welding technology for all industries, including construction.

In addition, high powered lasers and punching offers rapid turn-around time for Watson customers. Also, complemented by services of the press brake, stamping/forming, machining, powder coating and welding departments.

Construction Equipment Metal Parts Machining Capabilities

ISO 9001:2008 certified - metal fabricated– Watson’s laser cutting capabilities offer a low-cost alternative to stamping

– Provides a faster and more accurate trim to 3-dimensional components

– Efficient / lower cost system to compliment stamped and formed products

TRUMPF TruPunch 5000 combined with SheetMaster automation for unmanned loading/unloading of raw material and finished parts. Also, the turret punch offers all of the optimized part quality and machining flexibility that puts TRUMPF on the leading edge of punch technology. Furthermore, automation enhances capabilities to provide OEM’s cost-effective sheet metal solutions for medium- and large-scale production runs.

Short Lead Time, Fast Turnaround – Advanced automation allows Watson to run lights out and to punch 24/7. Therefore, Watson’s Volume production components and sets quickly fabricated for customers with minimal lead times. Also, closed by on-time deliveries that are critical to lean manufacturing. Finally, Watson is proud of the high ratings its’ customers award in consistently and reliably meeting delivery dates.

Welding certificate Award - 7SWE
Caterpillar recognized Watson Engineering Inc. Seven Steps of Welding Excellence (7SWE) program by presenting Watson with their 7SWE Award. Also, 2013-2015, Watson Engineering, Inc Taylor and South Carolina received this honorable award (Seven Steps of Welding Excellence) for consecutive years. While the powder coating department Watson received an unprecedented LEVEL 5 rating from Caterpillar’s Audit Team – displays an example of actually “Exceeding Expectations.”

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