Our Metal Fabrication Customers are #1

Watson Engineering’s list of customers spans a wide variety of industries with some of the most recognized and respected brands in the world.

Watson is honored to display its’ portfolio of accomplishments to be able to provide metal fabrication services for the following companies.

Ford Performance Racing
Caterpillar - agriculture construction equipment
The Crown Group
Mainstay Fuel Technologies
Tenneco - Automotive
AGCO - Agricultural Equipment
Eberspacher - Automotive
AVON Automotive
General Motors - Automotive
Ford Motor Company - Automotive
Chrysler - Automotive
BMW Automotive
Faively Transport
MTU-America Logo
W International
NABI North American Bus Industry - transport
GenZe by Mahindra
Detroit Diesel - Detroit Demand Performance
Michelin - Motorsports
Spartanburg-Steel Products
General Dynamics
Faurecia - Automotive Transportation
Harley Davidson Motor Company logo
Watson Racing Logo


When creating a part or a product, customers are expecting the best. Customers want high-quality metal fabricated goods that are going to last. That’s why, at Watson Engineering, Inc. all of the metal machining processes reflect that desire – Quality #1. Watson technicians make parts and full products that are of the highest quality and completed with skilled labor and high-tech machinery.

All of the employees at Watson are certified and extensively trained in how to do their part in the metal fabrication and machining process. These are some steps taken to protect workers and the quality of parts and finished products produced.

Watson prides itself in the fact that its’ customers are happy with the fabricated metal products created for them, whether it is a prototype, one-off single part to full production run. With testimonials to verify – Watson Engineering, Inc. metal fabrication services are some of the most trusted in the USA.

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