Watson Engineering, Inc. takes pride in prototype and production metal machining. Watson is committed to responding rapidly to requests for quotes and can turn most projects around within days. Regardless if it is one part or a short-run manufacturing project.

Metal Machining

Because the equipment list at Watson is varied, staff is able to assist with a multitude of services. The equipment list includes OKK and Kitamura VMCs’ with pallet changers for short and long run production projects. Also, to complete larger workloads, skilled operators use a Kuraki KBM 11X boring mill with a 40 station tool changer. Furthermore, turning centers, Mori Seiki ZL203, SL 204, and Okuma Howa ACT 35 are used for mid to high volume production. Finally to complete the list Watson operators use a HAAS 510 CNC Router for composite gauges and parts.

Finally, Check out the router machining process in our video here >> [Router Video – Mustang Splitter] The router room is outside of the Manual and CNC Metal Machining Areas.

CNC Metal MachiningMetal MachiningWatson uses both manual and computer numeric control (CNC) machining equipment. In addition, Mills, Lathes, Routers and typical machine shop equipment is all operated by skilled machinists. Also, Watson has 3-axis VMCs’ 13,000 RPM spindles.

Therefore, Watson offers cost-effective metal machining services to meet its customers’ exact design specifications. Also, Watson provides manufacturing, powder coating and assembly under one roof. As a result, metal machining allows Watson the ability to take a project from designed prototype through production.

CNC Milling



  • Drilling and Tapping (flow drilling, for example)
  • Punching
  • Sawing and Cutting
  • Tube Bending
  • Automated Deburring/Sanding
  • Multiple-axis CNC
  • CAM Programming
  • Gauges
  • Form Tools
  • Parts machined out of almost any metal, plastic or composite
  • Finish machining of castings (any alloy or process)
  • Volumes from prototypes to High Volume Production

CNC Metal Machining Parts

Watson Engineering CNC Metal Machining EquipmentVM7III - CNC Metal Machining


  • (1) Chevalier Knee style CNC vertical mill
  • (1) Kuraki KBT boring mill
  • (1) Mori Seiki SL204 lathe w/live tooling & 48″ bar feed
  • (1)  Okuma & Howa CNC milling center mill AC 611 V 22″ x 24″ x 61″
  • (1) Okuma & Howa CNC Lathe – 60″ bar feeder Act-35 14″ x 24″
  • (2) Mori Seiki ZL-203SMC Horizontal CNC late w/ 63″ bar feeder
  • (1) Kitamura M-3XIF-SP CNC vertical center/pallet changer
  • (2) OKK VM CNC vertical center
  • (1) OKK VP-600 CNC vertical /pallet changer
  • (2) HAAS VF-3YP/50 CNC vertical machining center
  • (1) OKK VM53R – CNC vertical machining center

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