Vehicle Services, one-off Rapid Prototype to Production

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Vehicle Services - Boss302

Watson Engineering, Inc. has extensive expertise with prototype vehicle modification and development. Major automotive and truck manufacturers have relied on Watson’s background and knowledge to support various ongoing build projects.

Regardless of the complexity, Watson can remove any type of non-conforming components or system, and replace them with anything our customers require. Production and Prototype vehicles can be serviced quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Watson Engineering, Inc.has the capability to engineer and develop prototype, “one-off” components from consigned vehicles for customer review and testing. From the “one-off” component, we can also reproduce thousands of pieces at a low cost utilizing our staff and equipment.

Automotive OEM

Previous projects include:

  • vehicle services - stock_engineRemove and install power-trains
  • Body-off modifications
  • Cab-off modifications
  • Reconfigure engine drive trains
  • Engine swaps / updates
  • Suspension and garage services
  • Develop and Build prototype components for vehicle concept
  • Modify and install exhaust systems
  • Develop and Build prototype exhaust systems
  • Supercharger installations
  • Overhead crane capacity of 40,000 lbs.
  • Weight box installation
  • Vehicle hoists (21) capacity up to 25,000 lbs.