Welding ~ Manual and Robotic

Robotic Welding

Watson Engineering, Inc. skilled welders are capable of MIG and TIG welding your product to specifications.  AWS instructors certify Watson welders to AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.3 standards.  Along with skilled welders, Watson Engineering, Inc. also offers the robotic technology.  Robotic Welding allows for consistently efficient, high volume production of your welded components.

Aluminum, steel, stainless and titanium welding can all be performed by Watson’s talented workers. Destruction, cut/etch, and penetration measurement testing ensures your welds are to print specifications.

Manual Welding Capabilities:

Welder– Custom welding and fabrication of prototypes
– Experienced, certified welders
– MIG (robotic and manual)
– Resistance
– Projection
– Brazing

Robotic Welding Capabilities:
– Robotic welds with up to 120″ width
– 7 SWE Award from Caterpillar
– Robotic welds for production volume
– Mild steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized and titanium
– ITAR certified as U.S. Military supplier
– Weld testing (destructive, cut/etch, penetration measurement)

Watson Engineering, Inc. offers precision welding and sheet metal fabrication services Other features of welding services such as spot, seam, plasma, MIG, TIG, robotic, resistance, and projection welds.

Watson can handle titanium assemblies, nose cone assemblies, strut assemblies, and aircraft assemblies, components and more. Working with materials up to .250″+ in thickness, and maximum sheet metal width of 120″ enables Watson to fabricate complex assemblies and components for a broad range of industries.

Watson Engineering, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR certified. To learn more about Watson’s sheet metal fabrication services, please fill out an RFQ or Contact form.

Welding Equipment


  • (37)   Miller Synchrowave HF 250 TIG welder
  • (1)     Miller 300 TIG welder w/ Syncrowave control Heavy-duty welder
  • (7)     Millermatic 35 arc MIG welder w/wire feed control
  • (1)     Millermatic 200 arc MIG welder w/wire feed control
  • (3)     Millermatic 250 arc MIG welder w/wire feed control
  • (1)    Miller Robot Welding System includes TA1800 Robot & Auto Access 450 welder
  • (1)    Panasonic 6 axis robotic MIG welder
  • (6)     Versa 8 robotic axis welders
  • (1)     Invision 456P 230/460 60HZ welder w/wire feeder
  • (1)     Invision 354MG MIG Welder w/wire feeder
  • (1)     OTC EX-6V Robot Welder and controller
  • (1)     Lift assist for robot weld cells
  • (1)     Resistance Welder
  • (5)     Millermatic 252 MIG Welder
  • (1)     DJH View Weld Inspection System
  • (1)     Nut Welder 100 KVA 440 VAC Press Welder
  • (1)     Miller 250 Syncrowave TIG Runner
  • (5)     Miller 250 DX Syncrowave
  • (1)     Welder Miller Dynasty 350 TIG Runner
  • (1)     Panasonic Robotic Welder Perform Arc 122 W, 460 V/3ph
  • (1)     H & H Resistance Welder
  • (2)     Nelson Stud Welder
  • (1)     Design Comfort Laser Table Robotic Weld Station
  • robotic welding(1)     Weld Data Logger System
  • (1)     Genesis DST MIG Robot Welding system (2) 24″ x43″ swing tables 500 lbs/side
  • (1)     OTC DR4000 Robot Welder/Wire Feeder
  • (1)     452 Migrunner Welder
  • (1)    460V Spot Welder
  • (8)    350P Millermatic Welder
  • (1)    Genesis RC3L-XM Robot Welder System


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